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Racial Justice Activists

Our primary purpose is to ensure a fair trial for every defendant in a criminal case, without which “justice for all” would ring hollow. In instances, where due process was clearly violated and where evidence of factual innocence was not presented to the jury/adjudicators (sometimes due to “newly discovered”, but in some instances, as a result of it being withheld by some malicious police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.

Animal Rights and Rescue

Puppy Love Sanctuary is a non-profit charity organization that began to counter a silent crisis of abandoned and abused in Southeast Asia is now expanding worldwide.

Environmental Sustainability Justice

In Partnership with EcoKnowMix – These Initiatives Are Driving Positive Change On Multiple Fronts, Proving That Style, Sustainability, And Social Justice Can Go Hand In Hand To Make The World A Better Place.

We Believe in Justice for All

The urgent need for a mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief lead to the genesis of International Justice Alliance. In addition to incubating innovative environmental sustainability and animal rights we support the Racial Justice Act.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Our Team & Cases of Interest

Obie Anthony was sentenced to life without parole for a murder he did not commit when he was 19 years old. After seventeen years in prison, he didn’t know what to write on his resume, how to land a job, or even how to use a cell phone. He had to learn on his own how to establish his life again.

Obie Anthony

Founder & Executive Director, Exonerated Nation

Amy Ralston Povah has been an accomplished filmmaker, writer, speaker, and activist. Her efforts have focused primarily on issues related to executive clemency, criminal justice reform, conspiracy laws, women in prison, and the drug war.

Amy Ralston Povah

Founder, CAN-DO Foundation

After his exoneration and release after sixteen years in prison, Deskovic successfully sued the authorities responsible and used a substantial portion of the compensation he was awarded to start the Deskovic Foundation.

Jeffrey Deskovic

Founder, The Deskovic Foundation

Artwork Initiative

Unleashing Creativity Painting the World with Colors of Unity and Imagination

The People’s Vanguard

The Vanguard provides groundbreaking news coverage on government and policy issues affecting our cities, schools, and the country.


Save The Planet With Style! Coming Soon!

Affecting Change in California

California Attorney General Rob Bonta meets with Global Citizen Sentinel

Film Prescreening

Puppy Love Yoga


Featured Contributors

Lucky Patino

Lucky Patino

Graffiti Artist & Graphic Designer

Hello, my name is Gustavo Patino aka LUCKY PATINO as I am known in the Graffiti “underworld”. I am an urban artist based out of Porterville, California. I have been doing graffiti since the age of 8.

At a very young age, I became a gang member loyal to the Mexican Mafia. I grew up in very dangerous situations which led me to an early life of crime. Unfortunately, as a result of my lifestyle, I spent over a third of my life incarcerated. As a young adult I was fighting four life sentences as I went to trial awaiting my fate from 12 jurors. As I was sentenced to 16 years in state prison, I thought my life was over. I saw no hope as reality set it and there was no evading the “cup” that was set before me to drink its bitter reality.

Little did I know that destiny would have me cross paths with someone very influential in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, my last phase of incarceration changed my life in a positive direction when I met a fellow inmate Anand Jon Alexander who began to nurture and mentor my creativity which unbeknownst to me, life had predestined our paths to cross in a very significant manner.

Elyana Violet

Elyana Violet

Model, Influencer & Agency Owner

Up and coming actress, eco influencer, Elyana Violet is also a young brand ambassador for the International Justice Alliance charity known for; animal rights, environmental sustainability  @EcoVvear  and racial justice activism. She co-hosts and interviews the who’s who at the impactful events and shoots nationwide from Malibu, to Sacramento with to Las Vegas and New York City.

Following training at Lee Strasberg (New York City), Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London) and then graduating from the prestigious Boston University acting, Elyana has already been selected for several projects in development including shows like the “ChangeMakers” docu series and “Dark Ghost Stories” (@VanguardJustice with USC film intensive grad @SanjanaJon) and music videos @Avvakend. As an entrepreneurial conscientious content creator, Elyana is an integral part of dynamic network and support systems for young women and minorities who need career opportunities as well as their voices to be heard.

Elyana and her rescue dog Hermione consult for “beyond recycling” @MetaPsycle and holistic lifestyle brand development.

C. J. Gilbert

C. J. Gilbert

Author, Speaker & Web Pro

CJ teaches Business Owners & Entrepreneurs how to use their websites as their number one business tool so they can save time, make more money and serve their clients better, faster & easier!

CJ is available for one-on-one coaching, private classes or to speak to groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals about harnessing technology in your business and life, social media marketing, and more!

CJ strives to help as many people as possible to spread their unique message and gifts, and thereby collectively help millions.

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International Justice Alliance

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.